Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Quick catch up

I have had a hectic few days but in a good way.

Sunday my son went off to have some Daddy time so this meant I could have some me time! I started the day with lunch at a nearby carvery with two very good friends of mine, and we completed it with a very lazy afternoon in the local pub sitting around gossiping, the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Followed by an evening out with a man!! Oh my god yes it is true what can I say I took the plunge again. It was a very lovely evening which ended up in me falling asleep on his sofa, but he just tucked me up and left me there till the morning which I must admit I found a very sweet thing to do after I had finished blushing.

Monday pretty uneventful I rang the court witness protection team and they just wanted conformation I was willing to stand up in court in front of my ex. Oh yes I am, roll on 13th January!

Tuesday having had a phone call informing me I didn't have to do the afternoon school run as Daddy was going to do it and then bring little man home the next morning I spent the day and evening with previous said man! We spent the day in town and yes I will admit it mainly in toy stores acting like kids it was fantastic and hilarious.

Today I have been babysitting for my friend C, I have spent the day cuddling feeding and changing the most adorable little baby. Oh and said man popped round for a cuppa as well................ watch this space who knows which way it will go.

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Sabrae said...

Sounds like you and said man are getting along great!!! :) Have a great turkey day!