Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Busy busy busy!

Wow I dont know where the last few weeks have gone really its been so hectic but I guess its the time of year!

I've now managed to complete every bit of christmas shopping thank goodness!

The christmas decs are up, now that was a day of emotions running wild! Having got the tree down from the loft and out of the box I realised it was damaged after last year antics. This resulting in a major stroop of kicking empty boxes around and lots of crying and flashbacks. So it was decided not to try and fix the tree but to throw it out and buy a new tree and decorations to build new memorys from this year.

My little man is off to Bulgaria next week to visit his grandparents so I'm going to have a week off, not sure how this will pan out. More than likely I will enjoy the peace for two days and then feel at a complete loss and not know what to do with myself!

Things with previous said man are looking promising but has also raised some issues with myself which I will get into in another post as I am now being called to read Twas the night before christmas (the best christmas poem written) before bedtime.


Sabrae said...

Bulgria??? Wow that is a trip! :)

Super Mom said...

Well you are about 10 steps ahead of me! I have SOME shopping done, but am subconciously saving the majority for the week of Christmas...I do it every year - I'm sick, I can't help it. :)

Maybe this year I will at least get the Christmas cards addressed - one step closer to mailing than last year!

And I think that you will enjoy his trip as much as he will. Just remember you are giving him an opportunity that not many have, and giving him a chance to see the world. Try not to worry and enjoy your time alone! You deserve it! There is nothing wrong or selfish about needed a little "you" time. :)