Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I've been tagged!

Well I've been tagged to list 8 random things about me so here goes....................

I'm petrified of going up the ladder into the attic, I have no idea why and I try to force myself up the ladder but I only ever get so far and I have to slowly edge back down!

I believe in life after death, I have been to see a medium on two occasions and I am a strong believer that the people I have lost are always around me giving me strength when I'm struggling.

I can't eat carrots if they are cut a certain way as they remind me of my childhood at my fathers house, I know completely crazy! But my mum finds it hilarious!

I can be extremely hyper and will do pretty much anything just to have a laugh. As long as its not hurting anyone obviously.

I'm a complete night owl, I will happily stay up all night whether I'm tired or not but as soon as the morning comes I would curl up and go to sleep in seconds quite happily.

I find it really hard to talk about myself and except compliments, even this is a struggle!

I love sex and always like to try new experiences, I draw the line at somethings but I love to have a healthy interesting sex life.

I'm a deep thinker and always ask questions about life and people, I like to understand how things work I guess.

So now I need to decide who to tag which I'm going to have to do a bit later on

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