Friday, 21 November 2008

The calm before the storm

Well I didn't think I was going to find anything to write about today, and then this afternoon decides to bring oh such joy.

I missed a phone call today because I've been running around doing chores, when I finally picked up the message it was from the courts witness protecion unit reference the court case against my ex (from last christmas). The court case will be in January seems to of come so quickly considering when they told me I couldn't believe that it wasn't going to be over for a year! So I made the decision I will return the call on Monday as I have had such a relaxing week and it didn't sound urgent. Kind of put me on a bit of a downer though just re-living memorys again! which I am attempting not to do.

So while we are having a nice dinner together catching up on the school day, the phone keeps ringing, but I leave it to deal with once we have finished.

Clear away the dinner things....go tackle the phone calls......caller ID ........... oh................ the ex! My whole body felt like it was on firer the anxiety pretty unbearable but I attempt to calm myself down as my son is giving me a questioning look.

The phone keeps ringing even now but I'm ignoring it as much as I can. I presume he had a call from the courts as well and its triggered it all off again. I am just hoping and praying he isn't going to decide to turn up on my doorstep.

Let you know tomorrow I guess...................heres hoping

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aries28 said...

Don't be afraid. You must be strong for your "little man". Mothering is such a demanding job. I am so sorry for your pain, if I could remove it for you I would. Hang in there, face it all head on an hold your head high!
Peace, Cathy